I've been obsessed with rosé -- specifically Provençal -- for over 15 years. Maybe it was my graduate school friend Magali who introduced it first, as she was named after a Provençal chateau. Or when I realized the pure zen while sipping it in my New Hampshire friends John or Kate's pools. Or the line of empty bottles during countless nights of laughter at my Boston friends Susan and Adam's loft. Or always starting with pink when I met my cocktail friends Kitty and Misty. 

I have been in the wine industry for almost a decade. I started as a rep for a small artisanal distributor to become a supplier for a large importer to work with a small California winery. Creating my own importing company has always been the end game.

The move to the west coast was the catalyst. I am watching the burgeoning San Francisco rosé market mirror how Boston blew up in rosé 10 years ago.  This wave of pink is coming to the west coast. I will be part of it.

Rosé is not a fad. Rosé is not sweet. Rosé is not just for summer. I feel Californians will soon truly get what all of us East Coasters already know. Rosé is a way of life.

This is my story about becoming a importer of Provençal rosé.  

I hope you enjoy! 

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